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SoccerProject Team calculator :

Calculation of team performance for various settings:

1. Click on the name of the team - which you wish to recalculate. Left down click on the button Players.
2. On the webpage there is a magnifier (for the ones with SPFA). Click on magnifier or unpack all players (non SPFA) and wait until all players are unpacked.
3. Mark whole table together with the name of the team. Press Ctrl+C to copy the data.
4. If you dont like basic set up you may change the calculation attributes.
5. Click to the text area and input the data by pressing Ctrl+V. Then press the button 'Calculate'.

Match :
Category Game :
Fixture :
Aggresivity in match : Label

max. Aggression of the player: Label

Teamspirit :

min. Stamina : Label

max. Moral :

PositionNameAgeAggresivityPerformanceIndividual matchorder
Total number of playersAverage age of the teamAverage aggresivity of the teamAverage age of the team (fixture)Average agresivity (fixture)Teams Market price
Without tactics
Kick and rush
Long ball
Defensive Wall
Processing lenght [ms]: