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SoccerProject Calculation of the player :

Hidden skill, individual matchorder, performance a global rating of the player.

1.Open the SoccerProject screen Details of the player. Mark and copy (CTRL+ A, CTRL+C), input to the window under the text (CTRL+ V).
2.As you push the button 'Výpočet' on the left in the table you may follow the data.
On the picture on the right you may follow how to mark it. ;-)
Hidden skill is spread by +-3. If the result is the value eg.97 it means the hidden skill is between 94-100. If the value is 103 then the hidden skill is certainly 100. Exact value you may find out if you calculate hidden skill more days in a row.

!!!Real market prices depend on a lot of variables and can differ significantly from the estimated price given here!!!

Information about player
Name : 
Age : Position : 
Performance :   Max Performance : 
Performance @ 100%xp : 
Global Rating: Max Global rating : 
Individual matchorder : 
Hidden skill +-3: 
Market price: 
Processing length /ms :